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A better world for generations to come! That’s what we’re going for. Based on the mission of freedom and happiness for people and animals, we have developed 100% vegetable topping and cocoa.

We focused on great taste and the “behavior” in the machines. As a result, no adjustment of the machines is necessary and Natulatte is a 1-on-1 replacement.

A recent study by Oxford University shows that if we leave out meat and dairy, 75% less farmland is needed than we currently use worldwide. All the plants and trees that we then get back play a crucial role in stopping climate change with the CO2 they absorb. In addition, factory farming is associated with an enormous amount of water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as animal suffering. Cows can live more than 20 years in nature, but dairy cows are ‘done’ after 5 years. And the immediate separation between mother cow and calf after birth, necessary for production, is heartbreaking.

If you replace one cappuccino with a Natulatte, this will easily save 66 liters of water and almost 1 m2 of land use. And the CO2 emissions you save are equal to the electricity consumption of a family for 3 days.

Natulatte in your vending machines?

Send us a message using the form below. We are happy to help you with more information about our products. Together we make the coffee corner more sustainable and more fun!

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